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“It’s fundamental to who we are to understand how the mind is working.”

Mary Lou Jepsen is currently leads advanced consumer electronics, opto-electronic and display design and manufacturing efforts at Facebook and Oculus. Previously she had a similar role at Google and Google[x] where she was also a close advisor to Sergey Brin.


She co-founded One Laptop per Child (OLPC) with Nicholas Negroponte, and was the lead inventor and architect of the $100 laptop. She built OLPC’s partnerships throughout Asia to deliver the $100 laptop into high volume production.


She has worked extensively with the Asian manufacturing hubs in Taiwan, China, Japan and Korea, living in Taiwan for years. Her startup CEO experience includes the world’s only fabless display screen company which was based in Taipei.

She has been globally recognized with many awards including TIME magazine’s “Time 100” as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, a CNN top 10 thinker, and by the leading global professional societies in optics, display and electronics.


She has broad advisory experience including head of state/ministry level in Peru, China, Uruguay, Taiwan, Brazil, USA, the White House and the United Nations. She has over 80 patents that have been published or issued in the last 5 years alone.


Mary Lou is one of the world’s foremost display and optoelectronics innovators, with an exceptional track record of leadership and inventions, paralleled by years of working with Asia’s largest manufacturers.

“I think we can make consumer electronics that allow us to dump our thoughts directly to digital media.”
Founder & CEO.
Open Water
Ex Executive Director of Engineering
Facebook Oculus

Mary Lou


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