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  • Ashie Bhandiwad, Ph.D | Founder, CEO, StemChef

    Founder, CEO, StemChef. Previously at the bioenenergy development of Energy Bioscience Institute at UC Berkeley. Developing the philosophy to teach kids science through cooking via a monthly experience boxed and delivered to their doors.

  • Brad Bao | Co-Founder, Lime

    Co-Founder, Lime. Tech Entrepreneur and investor at scale on three continents revolutionizing urban mobility.

  • Laura Shin | Crypto/Blockchain Journalist

    Podcast producer and host of the Unchained and Unconfirmed Podcast about big ideas from the world of blockchain and cyrptocurrency.

  • Diego Guiterez Zaldivar | CEO and Co-Founder of RSK Labs

    Entrepreneur, pioneer of web development in Latin America and leader in fostering bitcoin technology in Latin America

  • Douglas Thomas | Designer, Historian and Author

    Researcher in typography and modern graphic design.

  • Natalya Bailey, Ph.D | Founder- CEO of Accion Systems

    Rocket Scientist, Entrepreneur, Natalya wants to make Space accessible by building a system to propel tiny satellites using electrical energy.

  • Olga Mack | Lawyer, Adjunct Professor UC Berkeley, School of Law

    Strategist at Quantstamp at the intersection of Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

  • Rachel Thomas, Ph.D | Co-Founder and Researcher at USF.

    Mathematician, Deep Learning researcher, bringing and teaching Deep Learning to the mainstream.

  • Robert Fisher | Professor, Stanford Medical School

    Director of the Stanford Epilepsy Center, with decades of awarded research in Epilepsy and Clinical Neurophysiology.

  • Scott Ganz | Conversational Designer

    Emmy award-winning writer who has spent the last five years designing conversations and has become one of the primitive chatbot authors with conversational content for major brands.

  • Ted Goldstein, Ph.D | Scientific Program Director at the Institute of Computational Health Sciences, UCSF

    Previous Apple Tech Executive who spearheaded the software tools and technologies group, who turned into a cancer researcher.

  • Thomas Goetz | Co-Founder of Iodine (Good Rx)

    Entrepreneur, Author and Journalist, who served as Executive Editor at WIRED, which he lead to a dozen National Magazine Awards from 2001 through 2012, and where he wrote dozens of cover stories on medicine, science and technology.

  • More speakers to be announced...