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Sebastien De Halleux

Ocean drones for a quantified planet.

Tim O'Reilly

Why we'll never run out of jobs

Ted Goldstein

Cancer: Who Lives? Who dies?

Anthony Iton

Change the odds for health

Matthew Roszack

The tokenization of things

Douglas Thomas

Typography and Authority: How a Typeface Helped Launch Apollo

Allen Saakyan

The Art of Powerful Questions

Robert Fisher

Neurostimulation for Epilepsy

Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar

From Bitcoin to the Internet of Value

Alexander Reben

Five dollars can save the planet

Lauren Esposito

Saving human kind, one scorpion at a time.

Rachel Thomas

Artificial Intelligence needs all of us

Kathryn Haun

How the US government is using blockchain to fight fraud

Kara Swisher

Breaking up is hard to do: How entrepreneurs fail

Omoju Miller

On learning AI: the myth of innate ability in tech.

Indre Viskontas

How music makes me a better neuroscientist

Ashie Bhandiwad

Teaching science through cooking to kids

Olga Mack

How Smart Contracts Will Change the World

Natalya Bailey

The Human Side of Rocket Science

Laura Shin

How crypto could allow more people to be their own boss

Yvonne Cagle

Poetry of Space on Earth

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