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“Ego is like dust in the eyes. Clear the ego and see the world.” This quote describes the unfolding path of Nick Adkins from healthcare executive to kilt-wearing digital health evangelist.


Nick Adkins is a former suit wearing MBA for the Vanderbilt Health Plans in Nashville, Tennessee. He was the COO at two Nashville based healthcare companies. In 2012 he set out on a new journey that took him to Portland, Oregon where he was a co-founder at a health tech startup. He currently serves on the advisory board at Cloudbreak Health, the leading video remote interpreting pioneer, and the first telemedicine market network to deliver unified telehealth solutions to hospitals nationwide.


Nick is also the founder of the global pinksocks movement. We see the good in the world! When you believe it, you see it. Keep doing that!


Nick’s passion for seeing the awesomeness in people, connecting with them on a personal level, and sharing in their stories is what sets him apart from other leaders in healthcare. He has helped to push the industry to remember that patients/people/us are at the center of our work. His commitment to being present and open, listening to understand, and sharing heart speak, allow us to see the best of ourselves in each other.

Advisory Board
Cloudbreak Health



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