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Olenka Steciw Villarreal

Olenka Steciw Villarreal


Founder Magical Bridge Foundation

Building the nation's most innovative inclusive public playgrounds

In 2008, after seventeen rewarding years in Silicon Valley, Olenka Steciw Villarreal decided to use her business experiences and education to start the Magical Bridge Playground Foundation. The foundation brings to life innovative playgrounds that serve visitors of all ages and abilities to build more inclusive communities.


With a team of experts, city officials and volunteers Villarreal designed and developed the first groundbreaking Magical Bridge Playground in Palo Alto, CA.

Once it opened to the public in 2015, she emerged as a respected thought-leader and advocate for playgrounds which reflect the need for play by everyone in a community. As co-inventor and patent-holder of several playground components, Villarreal frequently guest teaches at Stanford University. She is thrilled about how the foundation's work is inspiring a much-needed and truly magical play and lighthearted movement.


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