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Tan Le

Tan Le

Neuroinformatics Entrepreneur

Founder and CEO Emotiv

Advancing our understanding of the human brain

Tan Le, Founder and CEO of Emotiv, is an innovator in the field of neurotechnology. Born in Vietnam, Le and her family immigrated to Australia in 1981 as refugees. She was named Young Australian of the Year for her outstanding community service in Melbourne’s Vietnamese community and Australia’s Most Successful Women Under 30. In 2011, Le founded EMOTIV, a neuroinformatics company that develops mobile electroencephalography (EEG) systems used to advance the understanding of the human brain and accelerate the creation of life changing solutions. In 2018, she received the Industrial Research Institute Achievement Award and he National Portrait Gallery of Australia has commissioned Le’s portrait to be added to its permanent collection. Her upcoming book "The NeuroGeneration: The New Era in Brain Enhancement That Is Revolutionizing the Way We Think, Work, and Heal" is available for pre-order at

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