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This is year we are collaborating  again with TED for TED AI.
A first of its kind TED event in the US.

Two days of TED talks, Interactive Panels, Parties about how AI is transforming our civilization, our industries, our institutions, our communities and cultures.

22-23 OCTOBER 2024, San Francisco

Discover Talks 

Anti-Blind: How do you see what you can’t see?

Tristan Harris

Design for the end of life

Elaine Fong

Saving human kind, one scorpion at a time.

Lauren Esposito P.h.D.

Artificial Intelligence needs all of us

Rachel Thomas P.h.D.


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My head is still buzzing with things I've heard and seen at yesterday's #TedxSanFrancisco. An amazing lineup of thought provoking and emotive speakers, performers, artists, and scientists. Best investment in your mind and soul! Great networking and #Dare2Know was indeed eye opening to
this, dare i say, on occasions somewhat jaded and pessimistic human?! I walked out brimming with joy and excitement! Ted Talk TEDx SanFrancisco

Nicole S Kidd, Attendee

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