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Ocean drones for a quantified planet

Sebastien De Halleux

Douglas Thomas

Typography and Authority: How a Typeface Helped Launch Apollo

TEDxSanFrancisco 2019

On 3rd October 2019, we experienced an exciting day of live TED talks and performances with inspirational speakers in the field of tech, science, philosophy, design, and entertainment.

We pushed the frontiers of our knowledge and made lifelong connections with fellow idea explorers.



2019 Talks will be live soon....

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Daring to Know at TEDx SanFrancisco
 Today was a not-so-subtle reminder that there are incredibly empowering innovations happening all around us, every single day. Underserved communities are finding representation.
Climate change is being addressed. We can literally control robots with our minds, y'all!
So, I challenge you. When the world starts looking a bit grim, pursue the things that will propel us forward both individually and as a society. As Tito Jankowski said today, "Doom just doesn't work for me."

Madison Dapcevich, Journalist and Attendee

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