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The Davies Hall you might not know

For San Francisco locals, Davies Hall is an icon. Since 1980, it has summoned audiences with the sound of the symphony, Henry Moore’s reclining figure sculpture, and a lobby that screams “let’s dance.” While the exterior is structurally solid, the interior is flowing. A series of panels and fabrics can alter the acoustics to perfection, depending on the size of the orchestra and audience.

Davies Hall has a lesser known, but equally perfectionist, history. Steve Jobs took the stage in 1990, after recently starting NeXT to introduce the company’s early products. These included “some of the neatest apps that have ever been created for any desktop platform,” “the best color that’s ever been,” and “the most important new application area in the 1990s…interpersonal computing.”

While Jobs is a tough act to follow, the speakers at this year’s TEDxSanFrancisco will dare us to learn about the technologies that are shaping our future, in the space that has shaped the sounds of San Francisco.


You should know: Ariel Waldman

Ariel knows no bounds. As the Citizen Space Hacker of the White House and founder of, she’s created a platform for intergalactic collaboration, starting with us humans on earth.

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