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Magic and Music

The E of TED stands for Entertainment. Last year we've had incredible artists on our stage with DawsonDanceSF by Gregory Dawson and The Hiplet Ballerinas by Homer Hans Bryant. This year again we are honored to host incredible artists who will express their point of view around the theme DareToKnow via music and magic. And stay tuned there will be a few surprises!

Besides great talks there will be magic and music at TEDxSanFrancisco! Here are 3 great artists we'd like to introduce. Most updated speaker line-up is online.

Robert Strong is a renowned comedy magician, get ready to be blown away!

Matthew Linaman is a concert cellist and teacher. Get ready to be enchanted!

Moses is a witness, storyteller and musician. Get ready to listen.

See you on 10.10, and don't forget to REGISTER before it's too late!

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