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First talks from first TEDxSanFrancisco Salon are online!

Exactly 2 weeks ago we had our very first TEDxSanFrancisco Salon and the first talks are online. More will be pushed online soon, so stay tuned!

Amy Yotopoulos shares how social connections can help our long lives to stay healthy and rewarding.

Marc Freedman shares about the role that older people can play in nurturing the next generation.

As a medical doctor, donor and caregiver, Vanessa Grubbs shares a story of courage in the world of organ donation, transplant and waiting lists.

Elena Chavez Quezada explains how the increase of life expectancy impacts equality in economic security among the female population growing older.

TEDxSanFrancisco DareToKnow is announced to take place on October 10, 2017. It will be full day to push the frontiers of our knowledge and make lifelong connections, with 21 speakers covering a wide variety of topics for 1000 attendees. The day includes lunch, breaks and an after-party.


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