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What is a TEDxSanFrancisco Salon?

We love to experiment with formats and ideas and the TEDx platform is a good one for that. A TEDxSanFrancisco Salon is a smaller event with a smaller audience than the main one in October —300 instead of 1000 attendees — it operates with a smaller team and focus on one topic.

Last week our team organized our very first TEDxSanFrancisco Salon with the theme

Scientists are working on extending life well beyond 120. Longevity is a fact, we’re all living longer. This acceleration in scientific discoveries, technological advances, behavioral practices, and social norms has a real impact on our communities. We had a great lineup of speakers to share how they think we can make sure our long lives are healthy and rewarding. They inspired us and we can't wait to share their talks online soon.

Also we'll have more Salons so stay tuned!

Our team is now laser focused on preparing for our main event on Tuesday October 10th. Full lineup is here and registration is open. See you there!

TEDxSanFrancisco Team

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