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Announcing the Schedule for TEDxSanFrancisco 2016

Preparations are in full swing for TEDxSanFrancisco, so it's time to meet Frank Zamacona, our fabulous film director!

With a background deep in rock’n roll and comedy, his latest work has been in video capture of operas with the San Francisco Opera. Fact: Frank worked with the Grateful Dead, Dave Matthews and Tina Turner! The detailed schedule for the day is taking shape, there will be 4 big sessions asking the following questions and will be addressed live by our speakers:

  • Session 1: What do entrepreneurs see that others don’t? (9.00AM - 10.30AM)

  • Session 2: Is the blockchain just another revolution? (11.15AM - 12.30PM)

  • Session 3: Can we change reality? (1.45PM-3.00PM)

  • Session 4: Can we handle the truth about our health? (4.00PM-5.45PM)


Finally, say hello to our group of more than 60 volunteers coming from all corners of the Bay Area:

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