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Why Dare To Know?

I have a sweet spot for the Enlightenment which took place in the 17th and all through the 18th century in Europe. It was characterized by dramatic revolutions in science, philosophy, society and politics; these revolutions literally swept away the medieval world-view.

"Dare to Know" translation of “Sapere Aude” was the battle cry for the Age of Enlightenment, during that period. It also means - "Dare to Think for Yourself - Dare to be Wise"*.

I have been an entrepreneur in tech and science for the last 25 years and through all the paradigm shifts I have experienced, never before have I felt such excitement and spookiness at the same time about the profound developments we’re experiencing in tech, biology and money. And I am not alone.

We’re moving intelligence straight into silicon with AI. We’re rewriting our genetic make-up with CRISPR. We’re building networks to take over the management of trust and governance with blockchain and we are creating cryptocurrencies in the process. I am not sure about what these revolutions will sweep away, but things will be swept. That’s for sure.

The acceleration and the complexity of all that progress makes it very difficult even for the most knowledgeable to follow up and connect the dots.

I am a TEDster and I have been organizing TEDx events for the last 8 years, 5 years in Brussels until 2014 and 2 years in San Francisco since 2016. I find this platform a great channel to invite luminaries to enlighten us about their field of research and share how the tools available are pushing us to extend the frontiers of our knowledge.

Now you know, why TEDxSanFrancisco is going with the theme “DareToKnow”.

Check our incredible lineup of speakers here and see you on 10.10.17!

Sam De Brouwer

Curator TEDxSanFrancisco

*Reference to Roman poet Horace in “First Book of Letters” 20 BCE , to Philosopher Immanuel Kant in essay “Answering the Question :What is Enlightenment?” 1784 and Michel Foucault “Qu’est ce que les lumières?” 1984.

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